When a private school student, Patty Cantwell is found strangled in her dorm, the angels must go back to Blackmoor College and find the murderer.  Kris goes back as a student, Bosley as a groom in the stables and Kelly and Sabrina as teachers.

Kris and Bosley observe three girls putting a large box into the school van while they are at the depot.  Later back at school when Bosley looks in the van the box is gone.  When Kris starts receiving threats from fellow student Donna if she doesn't "forget what she saw at the depot" they become suspicious and hunt for the box.  When Bosley finds the box under some bales of hay in the barn, they discover the box contains pills and alcohol which are being sold to the students.

When Donna hears Kris, Sabrina and Bosley discussing their suspicions in the barn, she tries to kill them by setting fire to the barn but they escape by climbing out a window.

When confronted, Donna admits that she is the ring leader and Victor, the stable hand is the murderer.  Donna was blackmailing Victor so they could use his van for deliveries.  Meanwhile Victor has taken Kelly hostage and is trying to escape but the angels catch him and save Kelly.